Specs & Pricing

2017 JKU
  • 2.5 inch Teraflex lift

  • 33″ BFG

  • Built For The Adventurer & Challenger Class Trails

  • 2.5″ Rubicon Express
    Old Man Emu

  • 35″ Tires

2018 JLU
  • 3.5″ Old Man Emu & Terrflex Lift

  • 37″ BFG KM3 Tires

  • Tom Woods Front Driveshaft.

  • Lockers Front and Rear

  • Navigation

  • Premium Audio

2017 JKU
Call For Price
  • 7″ lift

  • 40″ Cooper STT Pro with Raceline Beadlocks

  • 9500 lbs winch with synthetic rope

  • Dana 60 front axle

  • Dana 60 rear axle

  • 5.38 Gears

  • HD Tom Woods drive shafts

  • PSC hydraulic assist steering

  • Built For The Crawler & Expert Class Trails


Perfect for sightseeing, photography, with secluded arches, old mines, epic views, and hiking.  The trails in this category are predominately easy with a few moderate trails mixed in.

Trail List:

  • Hurrah Pass
  • Potash Road
  • Shaffer Switchbacks
  • Onion Creek
  • Fisher Towers
  • Gemini Bridges
  • Tusher Tunnel
  • Hidden Canyon
  • Bartlett Wash Road
  • Long Canyon
  • Jacksons Hole
  • Chicken Corners
  • Secret Spire

Ideal for those looking to add a little more excitement and develop their off road skills along with making a few detours to nearby attractions. The trails in this category are moderate to difficult.

Trail List:

  • White Rim
  • Las Sal Pass
  • White Wash Sand Dunes
  • Fallen Peace Officer Trail
  • Bull Canyon
  • Day Canyon
  • Rainbow Terrace
  • Cameo to Wilson Arch
  • Dome Plateau
  • Tower Arch
  • Jax Trax
  • Finn’s N Things

For experienced drivers looking for technical obstacles with large ledges, steep climbs, off camber slopes, narrow fins and more.  All trails in this category are difficult.

Trail List:

  • Strike Ravine
  • Elephant Hill
  • Seven Mile Rim
  • Top of the World
  • Hells Revenge

For expert drivers that have previous experience with these trails and will also be required to book a guide.  These trails are extremely difficult.

Trail List:

  • Steel Bender Loop Route
  • Flat Iron Mesa
  • Poison Spider Mesa
  • Golden Spike
  • Behind the Rocks

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